More Than Just Investor Relations

We know that information is the currency in the investment marketplace. That's why we educate public companies to leverage achievements in a strategic manner, highlighting the market impact of new developments for the financial community, from product announcements to new hires. But that's just part of what our full-service investor relations firm does for you.

Maximize Media

In an industry where image is everything, how the news media covers, or doesn't cover your company can impact your bottom line, from your company's growth to its market share and profit. Our team of media experts pitches positive story ideas and arranges opportunities for meaningful management interviews to a wide array of print, broadcast, and new media outlets. We have personal relationships with dozens of top-tier financial journalists, editors, and producers.  We'll communicate your story to others with vitality and precision. We'll also help your products and services reach target audiences through trade shows, industry publications, product introductions, grand openings, and special events.


We approach each client's needs as if they were our own.  We strive to meet all our valued commitments with the

professional and personal attention we would expect for ourselves.

About PLR

For over 45 years, we have continued to monitor the pulse of Wall Street from our New York headquarters by forming and maintaining relationships on the Street. Our superior talent in investor relations along with our personal relationships and  high-energy outlook, is matched by our knowledge of the investor relations field. We make your goals... realities.


We believe whole-heartedly in it. That's why our clients work with a group of talented professionals, including an investor relations expert, a media consultant, and a writer, all with a long track record in the financial world. With 40 years experience, we know how to optimize your opportunities for exposure, and how to connect you with the right people.



At PLR each client is an

individual. So we design our strategy based on your needs, your objectives, your budget, your timeline. We seek to form a relationship based on mutual trust and respect by using an open exchange of information to achieve our common goals. And that means we listen carefully to you, making recommendations that give you results. We advise. We nurture. We strategize. We stay committed.

Increase Communication Capabilities

Investor relations is about business inside and outside your company. We help you garner the attention and support of the investment community, as well as the financial media.  Besides writing and distributing general and disclosure-sensitive press releases, ghost-writing magazine and newsletter articles, we'll also help you coordinate your annual and interim reports, letters to shareholders, speeches, multi-media presentations, and other educational, presentation, and marketing documents. Working together, we'll transfer information into shareholder value.